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Dante de la Pena

Thanks for dropping in!!

A bit of my musical history:

I've been playing guitar, off and on, for about 26 years. I was in a few bands that played around San Francisco and the Bay Area as either a guitarist or bassist. In both high school and middle school I played Alto Sax and before that, I took some piano. Music has always been in my family. My older brother played guitar which, I guess, is where I got the notion of picking up the guitar and my dad plays trumpet, piano, conga drums and sings. We even had a xylophone for a while.

My style or lack therof.

Until recently, I've never been one to learn covers or other peoples songs. I got more enjoyment making up my own stuff. This is why under "My Musical Influences" I don't have much to say.

Musical Influences

  • Pink Floyd
  • Family
  • 70's & 80's rockers.

Favorite Recordings

  • Great White Buffalo -Ted Nugent
  • Almost anything by U2