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Me and My Trusty Guitar

I'm just your average guitar obsessed guy from Chicago. I've been playing since the mid 90's, but I never really progressed much because I never really challenged myself to learn anything new. I decided that it was time to get serious about 4 years ago. I was tired of being this huge music fan - constantly reading about bands, collecting music, going to concerts, etc. - but not being able to actually play the kind of music that I enjoyed.


I've been taking lessons with this jazzhead named Dale. Dale's a cool guy and a badass guitarist. He can make your head spin with his knowledge of theory. I try to practice at least a few hours every day, sometimes to the detriment of other things I have going on in my life ;P. I can easily waste an entire day messing around on my acoustic in front of the TV, I get so engrossed. I love coming up with a nice sounding line or learning a new piece that I can play for friends.

I've been playing piano since I was six, by the time I was in high school I had become a pretty competent classical player. I recently bought a midi keyboard and have been messing around on keys again. I've also been getting into digital recording software. Someday I'd like to bring everything together and create some cool original music.

My gear is:
Martin D-16GT acoustic, an old Yamaha acoustic, Les Paul or Strat through a Vox AC30, and a bunch of pedals...
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Musical Influences

  • Jimmy Page, Tony Iommi, Elliott Smith, Slash, James Hetfield, Jerry Garcia, Jimi Hendrix, Johnny Marr, Johnny Greenwood,
  • Kerry King, Randy Rhoades, SRV, Pete Townsend, Angus Young, Billy Corgan, Mick Ronson, Frank Black, Kevin Shields, John Squire,
  • Thurston Moore, George Harrison, Keith Richards, Ray Davies, Nils Cline, J. Mascis, Steven Malkmus, Jack White, Ryan Adams,Jonsi

Favorite Recordings

  • Led Zeppelin - I through Physical Graffitti, BBC Sessions and live boots
  • Black Sabbath - s/t through Mob Rules
  • My Bloody Valentine - Loveless

Favorite Lessons