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Welcome to Alberta!

Mike Hunsche

My History

I've been playing guitar for over twenty years, and I'm a dedicated, dye-in-the-wool acoustic player. I've never really cottoned up to the electric sound, although I did break down this past year to buy an acoustic/electric Takamine. But that's as close to electric as I'll get. It joins my 12 string Tak and 6 string Seagull in my studio.

For this year, I purchased a Seagull Artist Studio CW; just an awesome guitar that's built in Canada. If any of you watch ebay or any of the online shops, you'll notice that the Godin company's solid reputation continues to spread internationally.


My tastes run quite a variety of music. Over the past three to four years I've developed a real enjoyment of the Celtic sound from eastern Canada, but I enjoy most genres of music. I particularly enjoy ballads with interesting picking arrangements that I've attempted to master (not always successfully) over the years.

It always seems that there's never enough quality bonding guitar time around. (Funny, that's what my wife says, too! Except without the guitar.)

But my absolute favorite is musical comedy. As a writer, using my guitar often gives me an opportunity to poke fun at events and/or people. If you enjoy this type of entertainment I encourage you to check out Bowser and Blue; a couple of entertainers from eastern Canada that will have you humming their songs with a smile on your face wherever you go.

A wonderful website that has recently been launched is called Fingerpick Magazine and is found at and features a great artist named Doug Kennedy. Although the site is still under construction, I encourage you to pay it a visit. It's a pleasure to listen to his clips.

Musical Influences

  • Great Big Sea
  • James Taylor
  • Bowser and Blue

Favorite Recordings

  • Kingston Trio
  • Rush 21-12
  • Jim Lehrer (Musical Comedy)