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Hiya my name is C-O-D-Y thats pronouced Cody yep umm im around 5 9 or 5 10 on higth my eyes change from blue to green (crazy stuff)i have 10 fingets and 10 toes and i guess i should say welcome to my place of visit onwards to the next part

About me

I'm ok at playing guitar. I suppose i am trying to learn to play lead alot faster and better i mostly lissen to punk or nu metal whatever catigory you want to put it in. So yeah thats what i try and play. erm i own a Epiphone Goth SG

Musical Influences

  • Death by Stereo, Phantom Planet, Ten Foot Pole, Toy Dolls
  • NOFX, MxPx, Millencolin, Rancid, Bad Religion, Pocket Full of Posers
  • Smashing Pumpkins, Mavoulous 3, Eve 6, The (International) Noise Consperacy