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Welcome To My Korner in Klaipeda!

Hi! - Like the Cheech'n'Chong song says "Born In East LA, I was Born in East LA" - but now reside in Klaipeda, Lithuania - I love lot's'o'kinds of music, play guitar, and welcome the chance to converse with others - especially since the music scene here is pretty sparse.

What It Be Being?

Write now I bend the airwaves with a restored and modified '62 Jaguar - but also switch off to a new American Tele that I picked up before I left the States. If you were standing by my window (kinda tough- you'd be floating 3 floors up), you may hear "Good-Bye Porkpie Hat" one minute, and "Beer Drinkers & Hell Raisers" the next, Boz Scaggs, Satriani or Tal Farlow (what in the world is a Zarf?!) My influences range from classical, reggae, Zappa, blues, rock, folk, etc. I started as a vocalist - but couldn't find anyone else to accompany me.........and I have to admit that RAP don't fit well in my lexicon (what in the world is a lexicon?)

Musical Influences

  • Jeff Beck, Larry Carlton, Boz Scaggs
  • Beethoven, Liszt, Berlioz
  • Satriani, Robben Ford, ZZTop

Favorite Recordings

  • Going Down - Jeff Beck Group
  • Smiles and Smiles To Go - Larry Carlton
  • Variations On A Theme - Some classical dude