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dark N twizted tears <--my band (name changed i'll tell l8er)

cant think of a title

hey everybody i hope u like my homepage took me about 3 hours to figure out what to put on it but o wells rite haha im just kidding anyways im going on to the next box now so read on....

dadada introducing....(drumroll please) ! the 2cd paragraph !

well here we are at the next part of this as some of u have noticed the band name change and thats becaz kevin who used to b the drummer quit he just left thats it dont kno why he just did anyways we have a new drummer her name is mercedes and she wanted to change the name and we thought about it and decided it was ok so we did and thats the new name so there it is (wasnt that a boring piece of junk)lol

Musical Influences

  • cannibal corpse
  • kittie
  • velvet acid christ

Favorite Recordings

  • cannibal corpse-pit of zombies
  • morbid angel-death metal
  • covenant-stalker