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Griegorio, the original RAGE

2003 Lineup

Rock and Roll is a gift from GOD

Greetings from Griegorio. I have a long background that has roots to the 60's. Exposed to Chicago and Motown, as well as 70's classic Rock in St. Louis and the Eighties in LA. My current band is VOLTAGE...We Will Electrify the Crowd

I personally have played In Japan, Mexico, Saipan, California, Wisconsin, and Missouri

I love music, not cheezy, well some too lol

Rock, Rock and Roll,Classic Rock, Blues, Motown, Pop, some classical, some country, R & B, some electronica and A O R. I prefer ELO to Elton and AC/DC to ABBA Shania Twain to the Dixie Dykes lol.

Yes, I even like old Prince and MJ, can dance to it but barely can play a touch of Commodores and KC & the Sunshine Band. some key links:

and back up soon

Musical Influences

  • AC/DC, Robin Trower, Allman Brothers
  • Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Carole King
  • Hendrix, Santana, REO, Styx

Favorite Recordings

  • Black Crowes Greatest Hits
  • AC/DC Let There Be Rock
  • AC/DC Highway to Hell