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Julian Gunney

My Babies


Hi I am married to the most wonderful woman in the world and live in Atlanta, working from home. I've been playing for 25 years, on and off, sounds more like off. Cannot shake off this love of guitars. I moved to the USA a little while ago after many years of band playing in Uk followed by 5 years travelling for work and no playing. Getting back into it but..... I am currently bored with recording songs alone. Looking for guitar/bass buddy to help write/record songs and have fun playing. Plenty of original material coming through and it's a lot of fun creating something from nothing but 2 heads are better than one.

Guitars & Stuff

Gibson SG std, Fender Strat, Fender Jazz Bass, RJ SG ( Philipino surprise which is the most awesome guitar I own) and Tokai Telecaster. 8 Track and drum M/C.

I love real variety in music and find it boring to listen to bands who play the same old thing. Variety and the unexpected are what make life fun and interesting, music is the same.

Musical Influences

  • Beatles and stuff like Lifehouse etc.
  • Clapton/Skynyrd/bluesy rock
  • Zeppelin, AC/DC, Deep Purple, Sex Pistols

Favorite Recordings

  • Layla is a favourite album
  • How can you list your faves in 3 lines???
  • Loads of melodic rocky stuff