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Who is this John Chamley guy anyway?


I was blessed to have classical guitar lessons two afternoons a week from the age of eight in school. My guitar teacher the late John Gavall, well-published guitar book author, was very strict about practicing. The result was that we all progressed well. After 5 years of lessons, it would have been "easy" to continue on and pursue a classical music career if I had chosen that route. However, it didn't happen. I had the normal teenage influences and as a late teen took up electric guitar, and got together a club band. Later, I spent a few years working professionally with other bands before pursuing other things.

The Present & Future

Fast forward twenty some years and here I am - a middle aged guy with wife and three wonderful kids and a revived passion for music. I now enjoy advancing my own playing as well as teaching classical, acoustic and electric guitar. I try to help each student achieve their potential and develop playing skills that are a solid foundation for any style. If you live nearby and are looking for guitar lessons, I may be able to help you along the way. Call me at (201)220-7655.