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rocky mountain high

pickin' in the colorado rockies

expose yourself to bluegrass

jeff here. ten years of mediocre guitar picking eventually brought me into the colorado bluegrass scene. thank goodness. one thing i've learned is that if you want to be a better player, stand in a bluegrass jam. there is no substitute for playing with other people, no matter what kind of music you play.

btw, check out great bluegrass site with tabs, history, a link to doc watson's guitar site, and more.

while my primary musical focus is folk and bluegrass, i enjoy everything from traditional irish music to reggae to loud, obnoxious bands like 311 to jam bands like widespread panic, the dead, leftover salmon, yonder mountain string band, and phish.

mindless babble

if you're looking into a new acoustic guitar purchase, i highly recommend checking out the site for larrivee guitars: i know, the first time i played one i hadn't heard of them, either. but i bought one just over a year ago and couldn't be happier. i was also looking at martins, taylors, and the like. but for the money, no one else could compare. really great wood. really great craftsmanship. really great price. they start at around $1100.

if you're looking for a regular bluegrass jam in fort collins, co, we play every wednesday night at avogadro's number on s. mason. usually gets going around 8 and goes as late as 2am.

Musical Influences

  • tony rice
  • woody guthrie
  • bryan sutton

Favorite Recordings

  • ymsb- 9.26.03
  • talking heads-stop making sense
  • dave carter & tracy grammer- tanglewood tree