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Hi there

Me at a friends place jamming along with some finger drumming on the table :)

Welcome to my homepage

Hi, my name is Mikkel. I stumbled across WholeNote a few years ago and found the site extremely useful, and I still do.

I'm 28 years old and I've been playing the guitar for about 11 years now. I'm mainly focused on playing blues music, but it's not a limitation. I play all kinds of stuff.

It all started out when my father died. I took it really bad, but my big brother was quick to notice it. So when we went through my fathers old stuff and stumbled across the guitar, he gave it to me and encouraged me to learn to play it. Mainly just to get my mind off things. He plays a bit himself, and he also play the piano.

Then one of my friends, who's been playing the guitar forever, started instructing me on reading tabs and gave me a tab book with Metallica. I started out with Nothing Else Matters, and got lots of basic technique under my fingers.

Then some day I saw the movie From Dusk Till Dawn (awesome movie btw) and heard the music from the soundtrack. I went "wow, who played that" and I was told that it was someone called Stevie Ray Vaughan. I found out that it was actually his brother playing the tune that caught my attention. It's called Dengue Womans Blues. But that song gave me an idea about where I wanted to go with the music.

At the moment I have a Fender Strat (Texas Special) and a Gibson SG '61. I play them equally often. I play them through a little Hughes & Kettner combo at home, with a G-Major in the loop (mostly with the G-Majors bypass effect ;D).

The music I hear

I've heard Metallica as long as I remember. I think their music is somewhat genius. And even to people not knowing about playing music, their skill just shines through. I'm not a fan. Maybe I was once, but that went away pretty quick.

I started listening to Stevie Ray Vaughan when I heard Little Wing. He played with so much feeling that it's hard to avoid being touched by it somehow.

ACDC. They rock. No doubt about it. And Angus Young is probably the guitarist I admire the most. The notes he plays can be easily transcribed and played. But it just won't sound the same. His flair for the single notes are somewhat similar to SRVs, though the music is from an entirely different dimension.

Joe Bonamassa. That guy mixes SRV with Angus. :) The energy and attitude he lets loose is undescribable. His version of If Heartaches Where Nickles is one of my favorite tunes. I practice to it alot.

These are just my main influences right now. I hear LOTS of different music and play lots of different music too. The only thing I'm not really into is jazz. But it'll probably come around sometime.

Musical Influences

  • Stevie Ray Vaughan, Joe Bonamassa, Johnny Winter
  • Metallica, AC/DC, Pink Floyd
  • U2, Dire Straights, Creedence Clearwater Revival

Favorite Recordings

  • Little Wing - Stevie Ray Vaughan
  • Dengue Womans Blues - Jimmy Vaughan
  • Reconsider Baby - Joe Bonamassa