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Aloha and Mahalo for visiting

I'm 32. Live in Waipahu, Hawaii, and work in my home studio, teach guitar, and play downtown restaurants whenever I have time (though that's not very often). I'm also an associate pastor, an office secretary, a woodworker, etc, etc. Ahhh, carpal tunnel! He he he

I love the Blues

I went to high school in Muddy Waters home town in the Mississippi Delta. I loved going to the catfish fests in Cleveland and Belzoni, and walking the side-streets listening to the willies with there hand jives going, dropping nickels and tapping my feet. BB King was in the town square in his home town of Cleveland one year, but the side streets were where the real action was. Hey, it's a way of life for some people, and I'm a student of music.

I had six years of Jr high/high school band. I've had a few of the college music courses, but felt that (for the most part) school was a waste of time that taught nothing but conformity. Once you've learned technique and the basics behind theory, I think it's time for you to develope your ear by listening to a broad range of music then start experimenting with sounds to come up with your own. Your gear isn't as important as your individuality and your ability to play well and improv. The best settings are your settings. The best sounds are your sounds, and if you're satisfied with the sounds you can get out of your gear, then the best gear for you is your gear. Experimentation can come in many forms whether it be changing strings or pick or changing where you pick. It could come down to something as simple as changing styles or combining styles. Just have fun whatever you do.

Musical Influences

  • Muddy Waters, Albert Collins, B. B. King
  • Robert Johnson, Albert King, Guitar Slim
  • John Lee Hooker, and many, many more

Favorite Recordings

  • SRV- Can't Stand the Weather, Tightrope, and Lenny
  • Black Crowes- anything they did, Hendrix Experience
  • If you want more I could type all night