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Looked like this long ago, in a galaxy far, far away.

String Bending Feedback Rider

Doesn't exactly play his strat as much as squeeze, tease, tickle and wrassle it. (hmm... been playing my Epiphone DOT lately, call me DotRider I guess, heh)

Play Guitar Like A Girl

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Stratwrassler MySpace Page Rico's Gruv Music

Tribute to SRV

Current Listening, Musings

Lot's of Stevie (of course).

Joe Richardson Way Beyond The Blues

Buddy & Julie Miller CD, especially the tunes Dirty Water and You Make My Heart Beat Too Fast.

Double Trouble's post Stevie 2001 CD Been A Long Time

The Gospel According to Austin Part 2 , featuring Malford Milligan

Eva Cassidy SongBird

Joss Stone - The Soul Sessions(incredible singer)

Nora Jones (Adam Levy is awesome on guitar)

And everything on my current set-lists for upcoming gigs.

Musical Influences

  • Stevie Ray Vaughan, Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck
  • Buddy Miller, Elliot Easton, Robben Ford
  • Jimi Page, George Harrison, All The Kings