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From left: Guitarist Clark Colborn (Cheater, Clark Plays Guitar), Bassist Tony Franklin (The Firm, Blue Murder), Me

My Favorite Guitar Tips. . .

Speed is the by-product of accuracy. When soloing don't think scalularly, think of the color and texture of each individual note. Also when soloing think melodically, like a vocalist, because your phrasing is more important than how many notes you can cram into a measure. Then, when you do throw in speed, it's a rush to the listener. Take in every influence you can, be a sponge, all music has something to say. The most technically advanced player is doomed to utter irrelevance if he or she never learns the art of meaningful composition. Music is the language of the soul. At the crossroads of "impressive technique" and "simplicity from the heart," always choose soul over style. Anyone can reach another's mind, but when you reach their soul you've made a friend. Making little lists of "lessons learned" is so pretentious.

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