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HI- i'm editing my home page to relay news regarding changes upcoming to my website (see below). i'll be posting homebrew recordings, and i'll give as detailed description of the gear used as the website will allow. hopefully this will help anyone who is interested in any specific pieces of gear listed below. my own playing leaves something to be desired, but i'm happy with it and i enjoy punching these songs out nonetheless. i'm now 49, and it would have been real spiffy to have had the chance 30 years ago to listen to samples the way we can now. as i'm a guitar player first and foremost, i admit a bias toward guitar gear... but you can also hear the dif between the drum kits on a yamaha psr330 and a yamaha check it out. UPDATE---12-2-05. WELL, I'M NOW 50, AND THE YEAR 2004-2005 WAS A BITCH---ALL OF IT---AS I WAS DIAGNOSED WITH CANCER (COLON AND KIDNEY-TWO PRIMARIES) AND SUBSEQUENTLY HAVE BEEN SLOW TO CREATE NEW SONGS AND UPDATE GEAR...ETC ETC. ALL IN ALL, I HAVE TO ADMIT TREATMENT (RADIATION AND CHEMOTHERAPY) AS AN UNPLEASANT EXPERIENCE. BUT I'M BACK AT ABOUT 98% AND HAVE SOME NEW GEAR---SOLD SOME OLD GEAR TOO---SO CHECK OUT THE WEB PAGES (BELOW) SO YOU CAN HEAR THE GEAR WITHOUT WONDERING IF THE DEALERS MP3'S HAVE DOCTORED THEIR SAMPLES. THIS IS THE SOUND YOU'LL GET (FOR BETTER OR WORSE) SHOULD YOU OWN THIS EQUIPMENT, WITH NO MONKEY BUSINESS ADDED.


the website is free for me, so it doesn't offer much space, but i'll do what i can---gear that can be heard now or in the future: prs mccarty, fender deluxe american fat strat, guild starfire IV, melancon telecaster, reverend slingshot, budda wah+, budda phatman overdrive pedal, THD univalve, carr imperial, POD PRO, celestion G12H and reverend 1250 speakers, rode nt1 microphone, yamaha S90 keyboard, older model yamaha 330 keyboard, joemeek british channel mic pre, ART DMV processor, and yamaha MD8 dig 8 track recorder. UPDATED GEAR: EMINENCE SPEAKERS, SEBATRON MIC PREAMP, TEXAS TWO STEP PEDAL, VOODOO LABS SPARKLE DRIVE, ELECTOR HARMONIX FLANGER, ADK 51S MIC, AND A KJL AMP ON THE WAY. GO TO THESE WEBSITES TO HEAR MORE SAMPLES.

i've just opened up a second web-page:

i've got plenty of songs and will rotate them in and out to cover different gear...check in from time to time and listen to a sample. thanks a bunch! tl

i hope this is a useful tool for somebody!

Musical Influences

  • beatles-cream-humble pie-aerosmith-
  • allman bros-the byrds-focus-xtc-
  • mountain-the band--jim mccarty-cactus

Favorite Recordings

  • any beatles recording
  • heads hands and feet (go albert, go)