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Can We All Just Get Funky?

Music hath the charm to soothe a savage beast, but I'd try a revolver first.

A Rhythm Queen Wannabe

A Georgia Peach, California grown...i was raised in the land of fruit and nuts (hmmmm now that just might be why i don't seem to fit in round here...i live in a suburb of Atlanta now.) Back then I called the San Joaquin Valley home, Fresno to be exact. I grew up surrounded by musicians and yes, they were mostly guitar players. I spent a whole lot of time listening and learning from local musicians as well as my relatives. Having two first cousins playing for the early Tower of Power band (one lead guitar and the other bass) didn't stunt my desires and dreams either.

Go visit my cuz Bruce
and take a tour around his web site and while you're there listen to a few of his clips and view his photo album if you have time.

Fresno was just close enough for me to get out to the East Bay for long weekends and get an infusion of all that funky "East Bay Grease" that was going on round the Oakland area in the early 70's a la Tower of Power and Cold Blood. I know most of you are way too young to have ever heard of Cold Blood...but if you got any funk in ya soul you gotta know bout Tower of Power. Then there was that soulful lead singer for Cold Blood that could belt out the bluesiest soulful sound you ever heard come out of a 5'2 white gurl, Lydia Pense is her name and both those bands are still kickn' it in the studio and on tour.

All this made me dream of becoming the best and funkyist lady bass player around. Listening to Rocco Prestia just moved my soul.

I spend most of my time over at ActiveBass but its fun hanging round here talking with all u "Guitar Heads".

And She Wants to Play That Sweet Soul Music....

is she ever satisfied??? Nah, i don't think she is.

I've picked my bass back up...i put it down for a couple of years due to an injury that left one of my fingers numb from the tip to the first joint. I tell you what, i never did, and i still don't hear much of anything else in a piece of music until I am done honing in on the bass line so you gotta know i missed the heck outta my bass.

I'm playing it again and when it gets too bad i just fake it...but ya know, there is a good part to all this, it doesn't hurt any more when i try to bend them notes!

And then there was....

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Musical Influences

  • Rocco Prestia, Stanley Clark, Victor Wooten,Tower of Power, Ohio Players
  • Jaco Pastorius (He's the Hendrix of Bass Players!)
  • Jack Bruce, The Brothers Johnson, Sly & The Family Stone

Favorite Recordings

  • Barbary Coast ~ Weather Report
    Ain't We Funkin Now~Brothers Johnson
  • Coffee Shop~ Red Hot Chili Peppers
    Cut The Cake~Average White Band
  • Another One Bites The Dust ~ Queen
    Soul Vaccination~Tower of Power