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So, Tenacious D was on "Jimmy Kimmel Live"...

Kimmel asked Jack Black why they played acoustics instead of electrics, and Black - like it was the dumbest question in the world - replied, "'Cuz ninjas don't use machine guns."

My guitar(s)

Right now I'm playing an Art & Luthrie Wild Cherry acoustic. I'm very pleased with the deep, resonant tone (particularly for the price). I play with several friends (an Epi acoustic/electric and a Yamaha) and I really prefer the deeper tone of my axe to the metallic, twangy sounds of either of their's. Really, really want an electric RIGHT NOW. (Sorry, Jack.) Spend most nights leafing through Musician's Friend, reading Wholenote reviews, and visit local guitar stores a couple times a week. The object of my heart's desire - at least currently - is a Epi Les Paul. I'm probably going to settle on a Studio for budgetary purposes, so a big thanks to Wholenote for the reviews so I know what to expect, replace, etc.

Musical Influences

  • Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, Hank Williams
  • The Rolling Stones, The Band, Tenacious D!!
  • Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong, B.B. King, Albert King - old jazz and blues classics

Favorite Recordings

  • Red Headed Stranger, Willie Nelson
  • The Last Waltz, The Band
  • Ella and Louis on Verve