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Acoustic Guitars ROCK!!

Striving to be a Better Player

I played alot when I was a kid but gave it up after a year of college to help Uncle Sam in Viet Nam. Now I live in Nosara, Costa Rica and own a bar/hotel/restaurant here. We have live music for anyone that can play and sing every Tuesday night. We've had over 100 music lovers in the bar on music nights and it's a great place for acoustic talent. I own a Martin D35, Martin D1 (with pickup), Martin Backpacker, and a mandolin; all acoustic. I got tired of bumming guitars while on vacation so I just purchased a Little Martin and am totally amazed at the sound of the little thing. It ain't my D35 but it ain't my Martin Backpacker either. The rainy season is a great time to play, practice and jam as the rain keeps us inside alot. I dig playing with other people as I learn so much more than playing solo and it's a great way to find local acoustic players to sit in with us.

Thank God for Acoustic Stringed Instruments!!

Nothing, well, almost nothing, does it like sitting down and having two or three hours of free uninterrupted time to pick and grin. The guitar has saved me from boreing myself to death and is a source of endless pleasure. I play classic rock, folk, folk rock, blue grass, raggae and country and listen to jazz and blues. I want to get more into traditional music and have had some great musicians play my bar- the Mammals, Joe Jewell & Featherstone, Willy (of Willy & Lobo) and others. Our house band is called "The DoGooders and I play rhythm guitar, mandolin, congas and sing. Email me and lets set up a jam on Tuesday night at the Gilded Iguana's "Acoustic Cafe" the next time your in Costa Rica. "I don't play my music for money, I play my music for me." J. Buffett

Musical Influences

  • Stephen Stills, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Jimmy Cliff
  • James Taylor, Jimmy Buffett, The Beatles
  • Jerry Garcia, John Prine, David Grisman, Allison Krauss

Favorite Recordings

  • Any CSN&Y, Greatful Dawg, Allison Krause Live
  • Brother Where Art Thou, Rubber Soul
  • Magical Mystery Tour, This Grass is Blue, Neil Young Unplugged