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Well in terms of my guitar history, I played guitar for 3 years while I was in high school, then quit playing when I went off to college. I wanted to focus more on academics and athletics (and yes partying) while I was at school, but I got the itch to pick up the axe again recently, after I'd been out of school for about a year. I'm really enjoying playing again and can't believe I ever stopped for so long. It's a great way for me to releive the work-day stress and a fun way to feel productive when not at work!

Other hobbies of mine include reading, camping/hiking and bicycle racing.

Musical Influences

  • Kirk Hammett
  • Duane Allman
  • Neil Young

Favorite Recordings

  • Metallica--Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
  • Neil Young--Thrasher
  • Pink Floyd--Comfortably Numb