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Avian lead guitarist Rick Fokkinga


to the personal site of Avians lead guitarist Rick Fokkinga. Take a look around and have fun (I'll try not to make it too boring:).

Avians Official Myspace Above the link to avians myspace

My gear and bands and all

My gear: An Ibanez JS 900 BP, A Stagg lousy guitar to break on stage (nahh), A Marshall valvestate 232 (2x30watts, stereo, with analog chorus... my pride and joy) My businesses: I play in the band Nuclear Waste: They can be found at I teach privat guitar lessons. I work as stagecrew at one of hollands most important stages (013 tilburg) I help organize some gigs in a local stage. I go to school at an commercial economics specialized in event, music and entertainment.

Musical Influences

  • Foo Fighters / Incubus / Hoobastank
  • Green Lizard / Van Katoen (dutch bands)
  • Cave in / Revis / Smashing Pumpkins and many many more

Favorite Recordings

  • Foo Fighters - The color and the shape
  • Incubus - Make yourself
  • Hoobastank - Hoobastank