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Useless info?

Hi! I'm an 24 year old Swedish guy, I've been playing the guitar since 1992 and I'm mostly self-educated. I grew up in a family of many musicians and music lovers. I listen to all genres of music but mostly Blues, Rock and Heavy Metal. I try to write my own songs but they all tend to end up as slow ballads. My biggest inspiration/influences comes from Blues and Rock age between '60 and '80 (Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Gary Moore, GnR, Metallica, Pantera, ZZ Top, Judas Priest, Motrhead and more, but also more modern music like Creed, Dream Evil, Freak Kitchen, Stratovarius, Dave Matthews and such. I'm currently running a music production company in Norrkping.

Favorite Recordings

  • Blue yster Cult - 'Astronomy'
  • Pantera - 'Hollow'
  • Opeth - 'Harvest