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Songs of the Siren

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My name is Sue Braiden,
and I'm a composer, producing original scores for license in feature films, television programming, advertising and library services.

I also write original new material for music artists to record.

I summon a broad musical landscape, from elegant backdrops to patriotic Americana, slinky Tarantino-esque retro tracks and subtle, intimate mood shifters.

I am a classically trained pianist and first chair clarinetist. My instrumentals are textured with a lush mix of piano, acoustic guitar, strings, woodwinds, and horns.

I've released a number of personal CDs, including "Songs of the Siren", "Hush", "A Prayer to the Sea", "Soundtracks and Other Lies", "past, present, imperfect", and "Not in this Lifetime", with a seventh in the works for release in 2003.

I've also served as a producer since 1999, coordinating the "adored" project, working with Lilith Fair, Grammy and Academy award-winning artists to produce music CDs benefiting kids at risk.

I make a lousy cuppa joe, but conjure up sweet, sultry, scintillating scores ...

But I'll let your ears be the judge:

sue braiden

Why I've Joined the WholeNote Community ...

While I love to compose for the guitar, my ability to perform is quite limited. I took basic instruction 20 years ago, but chose to focus on piano and clarinet. It remains my one true regret to this day, and I'm hoping to use the WholeNote resources to pick up where I left off on my learning curve.

While I may know my way around a keyboard, I'm a shameless novice on the strings, and will always welcome tips, feedback and collaboration!

So long for now ...