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Hand Problems...heh!

Don't laugh....I can jam!!

Hi, My Name Is Randy...and I Am Funky!!

Playing Guitar!!

I have been playing since I was 10 years old. I work on my axes, build my own lights and other electrical needs and carry/set-up the PA.....Used to that is. I suffer now from a condition where the hands go cold and numb. Not at all good for any guitar player. I reckon it's a nerve in the back or shoulders...I see the back-crack and its fine for a week or a month or two, then WHAM!! it's back full tilt. Needless to say, a live performer cannot go along like that at all. It was a very sad day when I had to cancel my last job, but the relief of pressure has been great! Always warm up, always listen to your hands...they will tell you when you need to stop, always visit the doc when need be. Well, enough of that stuff....Here is a little tune I recorded from an AAT here a ways back...

Musical Influences

  • Everything worth listening to.
  • Some stuff that aint worth listening to.