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My Passion for Music

My guitar and I... don't ask, this is a horrible gif.

Not just a dumb punk...

I live in a hick town, go to a hick school, and I effin hate it. Music is my only outlet, and is my true love and passion. I play in my high schools marching, concert, pep, and jazz band where I also play the clarinet (6 years) and bari sax (3 years)

About my guitar...

I've had 3 guitars. My first was a donated acoustic that, despite my many attempts, I've yet to get the action to a comfortable level without string buzz. It's also a bit warped. Junker.

My second guitar is a Lotus strat copy that I paid 80 bucks for with a 30 watt Crate amp. After a car wreck, it died.

My third guitar is my treasure. The day the lotus died, I went to a pawn shop and my friend discovered a les paul copy for $100. We talked the guy down to $75 and a free chord!

The guitar is an Arbor, which I can't find a lot of information on. It's a little heavy, but everyone that has played it, has had nothing but praise for it. So, as I told the bassist of A Global Threat when he asked me, "It's just as good as the real thing"

Alright, I love my guitar too much.
Cease babbling.

Musical Influences

  • Glenn Miller
  • Brody Armstrong

Favorite Recordings

  • The Monks - Nice Legs Shame About The Face
  • TSOL - Superficial Love
  • Against Me! - Pints of Guiness Makes You Strong