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Damn, It's Good To Have The Blues

I'm from Slovenia! A small country on the sunny side of the Alps:)

Well, what shall I say about me! I'm still young (and stupid), I was listening to rock music since I remember, I'm a die-hardrocker,... My life was boring until I discoverd the guitar. It changed my life completly. I was playing ice-hockey before but I quited because I didn't had enaught time for hockey and playing guitar together. But I'm happier now.

Something about my equipment!

My first guitar was an acoustic one. It was a cheap and not a very quality one but I learnd the basics. When I had enaught money I bought myself an Epiphone Les Paul Standart guitar and a Marshall MG15CD amp. The amp isn't very good but enaught for practicing at home. The sound I got out of my guitar was a little bit muddy, so I decided to upgrade my guitar. I bought Seymour Duncan Alnico II Pro humbuckers and I can honestly say that they are like they were made for my style. They are suited for any blues/old rock guitar player. I bought myself an Ashdown FallenAngel 40w tube amp. I had it for a year and a half but I wasn't realy satisfied with it. Recently I bought a Peavey Classic 50/212 and I am totaly obsessed with this amp. I recomend it to everyone that loves blues and rock music.

Music is my life. I try to use every moment I can to play my guitar and playing guitar is the only thing that I can do in any mood, any time or anywhere. It makes my life go'round!

Bye or Nasvidenje(that's in my language:))

Musical Influences

  • Jimmy Page, Slash, Eric Clapton
  • T-Bone, Robert Johnson, Stevie Ray Vaughan, BB King, Freddie King, Albert Collins and a thousand other blues guitarists
  • John Ganapes(Blues You Can Use author)

Favorite Recordings

  • Everything from Led Zeppelin and Guns n' Roses!
  • Never heard a bad song from BB or SRV or J.L. Hooker, T-Bone, Johnson etc.
  • Clapton on Unplugged and From The Cradle