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Edd Robins

Certified Gittar Bum

Pick It Up And Play It!!

Been around the block playin' bbq's, front porches, basements...

I favor da bluz, country, rocknroll, bluegrass, gospel...
Been pickin' gittar since I was a young 'un. Laid 'er down a time or two, but never for too long...always came back to it. As much an addiction as a passion, I reckon.

Jammin' with friends and kin is high on my priority list, and I'm fortunate to be able to engage in it often.

In the past coupla years I've recorded a few tunes and enjoy doing that, too. Most of the tunes on my SC page are single track...just me, an acoustic giitar, and a mic. No effects except very occasionally a dab of 'verb.