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Sanitarium- Welcome Home

This is my guitar:)

All Guitarists are Welcome

Welcome fellow guitarists to my homepage. If you haven't noticed i'm a huge fan of Metallica. I'm currently in a band and should be releasing my first cd sometime in the summer.

Reload...And Kill 'Em All!!!

I'm 16 years old and have been playing guitar for about a year but i'm better than all my friends except for my lead guitarist, we're both just about equally skilled. I'm better at rhythm though and he's faster at picking. I started playing Metallica right when i started and that gave me a good challenge, so I may be better than you think. If you want to email me about topics related to Metallica or other metal bands, if you have your own band, or pretty much anything related to guitars, feel free to do so. My email is: I own an Epiphone Goth Explorer, a 12 watt peavey amp(i know, i need a new amp:)) I'm also the lead singer/rhythm guitarist in my band.

Musical Influences

  • James Hetfield
  • Kirk Hammet
  • Jeff Beck, Zakk Wylde, Dimebag Darrel

Favorite Recordings

  • Anything by Metallica
  • Jeff Beck's "Truth" cd
  • St. Anger-Metallica's new cd baby!