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Hey All,

I'm Adam, from Calgary AB. I'm just done a BFA at UofC I've been playing for about 4 years as I write this, and am at present taking lessons with a jazz guitarist. As for the style of music I like, it would be blues, and the good old classic rock. I guess the jazz is growing on me, especially the really old stuff: Eddie Lang, Django and them.


I just recently bought my Olympic White American Series strat, and am just getting to where it's starting to get to be "my" guitar... a few scratches in the pickguard and those last few adjustments done. I also have my Yamaha Pacifica which turned out to be a great guitar for learning on. Now i'm going to learn how to work on it. I have a Peavey Special 130 Amp which is a loud workhorse, but aint pretty, and a couple of old pedals.

Musical Influences

  • Chili Peppers
  • Hendrix (love it but can't play any of it)
  • Clapton

Favorite Recordings

  • Californication by the peppers
  • Electric Ladyland
  • Clapton Unplugged