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Classic rock and metal


Originally from Huntington Beach, California I now reside in the Seattle area and play guitar in Idle Current.


I started playing guitar at around 16 years old, practiced seriously for a couple years then burned out on guitar for a decade and started back up in a serious way a few years ago.


Current Rig:


- Gibson SG (Bill Lawrence Pickups)
- Gibson Les Paul (Bill Lawrence Pickups)
- Jackson JDR-94
- Jackson DX10D
- Keith Brawley
- Vintage Egmond Acoustic
- Ibanez Soundgear Bass


- Modded Yamaha T100 Head
- Modded Peavey 5150 Head
- Randall RG100ES Head
- Mesa Fifty/Fifty Stereo Tube Poweramp
- Carvin DCM150 Poweramp

- Peavey Rock Master
- Yamaha PG1 Preamp (Two of them)
- Yamaha PB1 Bass Preamp
- Carvin Quad X-Amp Preamp

Guitar Cabs:

- 1968 Sunn Sceptre 4x12
- Mid-70s Sunn 2x15 (Weber Speakers)
- VHT 4x12 (Vintage 30s)
- Randall 4x12
- 2x12 Cabinet
- 1x12 Cabinet


- Homemade Rangemaster
- Homemade Overdrive
- Fuzz Face clone
- Peterson StroboStomp2
- Modded Crybaby
- ISP Decimator
- Digitech Bad Monkey
- Boss CE-5 Chorus Ensemble
- Boss RV-3 Reverb & Delay
- Boss MT-2 Metal Zone

Musical Influences

  • Tony Iommi
  • George Harrison
  • Joe Walsh

Favorite Recordings

  • Joe Walsh - Barnstorm
  • Iron Maiden - Most every album
  • The Beatles - Most every album