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Lookin To Play Some Country Music And Join A Band.

No Effort, No Flubs, No Fear.

Lookin to play out with a group ...I`m still working on plans to form a group. Any group, just start playing,and doing it.I'm thinkin to start country.I teach a few private students too.

Southside Chicago Blues

Need more time to include the simple things about myself here.I1m so simple I1m almost stupid...ha ha ha! Just makin you laugh.U know, Keep It Simple Stupid> KISS.My bud Louie taught me that ;He is a good ,good guitar player.

Musical Influences

  • Earliest is ;Bo Diddly,Harry grebb
  • Elvis
  • Clapton,Beck Benson Beatles

Favorite Recordings

  • Many stand out...
  • Sultans of Swing
  • The new stuff needs work