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welcome to the ap.bluebass page o stuff my name is Andrew Padula and i am a full time,tried and tested, teacher and touring musician. i have been doing this full time for over 10 years. i've given about 10,000 lessons and played over 1000 gigs. i am a G.I.T. grad. class of 91. From the Kennedy center to the King biscuit, i have played all over the country to every size and type of crowd imaginable. i currently do the bulk of my work as a bassist. my two main gigs are with legendary blues artist Bobby Parker and with a local baltimore favorite sam "muleman" miller. I would also like everyone to know that telex makes the best wireless systems and galleon krueger makes the best bass amp. i say this not just because they gave me endorsements but because the stuff still works great after all the guff i've put it through.