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Dr. Nels Jenstad

Songwriting's the thing...

No one can do it for someone else- people can only provide ideas and conditions that may be of assistance to the songwriter. Brian Eno said "I think songwrting is the toughest nut to crack" ( Although lately I'm finding bebop guitar is no easy nut to open either! :)

Briefly about me...

Music Pyschology PhD/American State U. Hawaii. Teaching 16 years Songwriting guitar, piano and singing. Currently at Jim's Music in Irvine, CA. Performing original music on vocal, guitar keyboards since early seventies. Band in 80's "Sincere Fibers" in LA area, played the Whiskey and many other venues. Recorded a lot of it, CD may come out this year actually, was lead singer,and played Korg CX3 organ for that band, but wrote on a TV model Les Paul for the band. Now I play strats- have a Highway US1 and a '82 Japanese Squire that is so smooth. I use Realtube Driver, chorus/flanger/ DOD digital delay through an Ampeg JT 12. Am planning to get a Ibanez Artcore jazz box. I am just starting to learn bebop guitar. Can you help? :)

Musical Influences

  • J.S.Bach,Beethoven,D. Gilmour, Charlie Christian, John Scofield,Eno, Fripp,
  • Julian Bream, Peter Gabriel, Steve Hackett,Jerry Garcia
  • S. Howe, George Van Epps, Django Reinhardt, Herb Ellis, Bill Evans, Miles Davis, Jaco Pastorius, Bryan Ferry

Favorite Recordings

  • Grace under Pressure/ Scofield/Frisell
  • Kinda Blue/Miles Davis
  • I could really go on and on...

Favorite Lessons