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Cultman's Corner

Hey, WholeNoters!

Not much to put on my page. I'm actually a bass player and spend most of my time over at ActiveBass. But, I do mess around on the geetar mostly with rhythm stuff - I'm not as good as all of you people.


I've collected tons of music over the years. I'd be more than happy to share what I've got with anyone that may be interested. Looking for a horo in 25/16 time? Let me know!

While I have other basses, Jango is holding my baby.

Here's some of my other stuff. Hopefully I'll get more pictures on the way...

The item at the bottom, on the right, is a 1924 (I'm pretty sure that's the year) Gibson mandocello. It's basically just mandolin the size of a guitar. Very sweet sound.


And the newest addition


Musical Influences

  • Yes/Jethro Tull (love Martin Barre)/Stones/Led Zeppelin/Planxty/Tannahill Weavers/Musikas/
  • Pink Floyd/Police/Sly & The Family Stone/Stevie Wonder/Bauhaus/Peter Murphy
  • Bob Marley/Peter Tosh/Beatles/

Favorite Recordings

  • This question is impossible to answer.