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Gary Murphy (Former School of Guitar)

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Welcome and Thanks

Thanks for visiting my web page!

The guitar has been my constant companion through good times and bad. I try to be worthy of the instrument. I strive to make life a little better for those who take the time to learn and listen.

I want to thank my teachers, Danny Devine, Jerry Walker, and the rest of the group at Maywood Music in Southern California.

Thanks to Chris Brown and Jim Bates who are guitar instructors at Oral Roberts University. Chris Brown rekindled my love for the guitar and inspired me more than I can say.

I also wish to thank Ron Pearson who is the music minister at First Presbyterian Church. It has been such an honor for me to know Ron as a person and a privilege to share a few wonderful musical moments with him as a musician. People like Ron make all the work and practice worth it.

Thanks especially, to my wife Marilyn, and my daughters Kate and Jill for putting up with my practicing and teaching lessons.

Well, I have moved to Katy, Texas. I'm busy with a new job. I am not currently teaching guitar. Still, life is good in Texas!

Purpose of this Web Page

These lessons are dedicated to my students. You can't beat private lessons. These notes might help some of you who find them. I know they will help my students who, from time to time, forget to take their notes with them.

God bless you and play like your life depends on it!

I have found so many good lessons at that I can't list them all. Thanks to the lesson writer who gave the tip about sliding the 3 b7 up and down a fret against a I IV V turn around.

Here is a good lesson:

Guitar Lesson #443 at WholeNote: Magic Chord Transformation pt. 3 by Jeremy Cotton

I love It is a great midi/tab source. They require that you download Guitar Pro. It is free to view. I've paid for the upgrade so I can write and print music. It is a very nice product.

I'm also a big fan of Sonar by Calkwalk.

I currently have a Japanese strat with SD classic stacks, 24-fret Double Cutaway Les Paul, Martin Shenandoah, Hirade Classical, and a Yamaha Bass with Bartolini pickups. I use a POD. I also have a Fender Blues Deluxe that I use with a Voodoo Labs Sparkle Drive and a Dunlop Wah. I use an L.R. Baggs DI with the Martin. I use a Sans Amp Bass Driver with the Yamaha.

I had a piece of junk pink paisley Telecaster. Wish I kept it. I saw one like mine sell for $16K. Collectors. They are making it tough on the rest of us who want to play. Oh well. The instruments we find today will be the ones they will be collecting in 20 years.

Check out the mp3 section of this site ( aka WN). If you like Surrounded, you can listen to two other songs on my home family home page:

Gary Murphy

Gary Murphy

Here is my cousin's, Steve Brown, band, Alder Eagle

Musical Influences

  • Eric Johnson, Terry Kath, Steve Howe, Buddy Guy, Michael Hedges
  • Tony Rice, Keb 'Mo, Richard Gilewitz, Mike DeMicco, Steven King, Pat Kirtley, Pat Kelly
  • Manuel Barrueco, Joe Pass, Brent Mason, Phil Keaggy, Lincoln Brewster

Favorite Recordings

  • Sergent Peppers Beatles
  • Boston Boston
  • Jesus Freak DC Talk