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millbridg blues

I am a rookie koo koo ko chew

been playing for just over 3yrs,picking up pieces here and there from all sorts of styles,but i am a hendrix fan 1st and formost,grew up on him and the likes of deep purple,winters,uriah heep,ten yrs.after etc etc.

on a serious note

i dont take playing the guitar seriously,i only play for myself,and its amazing the things you can learn from lessons from others,little tricks and short cuts,tri-ads,power chords etc,etc..oh yea i dont like to play a song the way its supposed to be played,i like to mute and strum all strings same time.

Musical Influences

  • hendrix,srv,eric
  • deep purple,waters,buchanan
  • johnny winters,zappa,frank marino

Favorite Recordings

  • hendrix-r u experienced
  • hendrix-band of gypsies
  • hendrix-bold as love