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I'm a supernothing....

My guitar, only mine has a rosewood fretboard... not too shabby, could use a new humbucker

And I'm going nowhere fast...

Hey I'm a 16 year kid from a small town in New York. I used to play bass in a band but that went down the drain so I picked up guitar and never looked back. I am currently in a punk rock band with my drummer from the old band and some really fun kids I know. I'm really having a good time, even though the stuff might be a little bit easy to play. We are heavily political... we're all big politic freaks... and it shows in our lyrics. We are called American Protest and we're coming to a town near you! I really don't like to be called punk though, and I certainly don't limit myself to that kind of music, I thouroughly enjoy metal, blues and jazz, and would love to learn a little bit. Hopefully I can get some lessons soon! Recently I have been getting into some Metallica and I'm trying to play some of it... I'm getting the hang of it.

My Gear

Right now I have a Green Sage Metallic colored Standard Fender Fat Strat and a Takamine acoustic/electric. I don't know why but my strat seems to be a gem, every other strat I've played seems to be strung too tight or feels weird or something. The only things I don't like about it are the tuning pegs and the tremelo system. The tuning pegs stink, they don't work right and the whole guitar really goes out of tune alot, especially when using the whammy bar. I plan on replacing the tuners and I might get a new humbucker while I'm at it. Amp-wise I have a Marshall AVT50 head thats running a Marshall 1936 2x12 in full stereo. I love the portability of the 1936, I can carry it wherever I need to go by myself and it fits easily in most cars. As far as effects go, I have a Boss chorus pedal, a Digitech Metal Master Distortion pedal, and an RP300... I'm planning on getting some sort of wah, a phaser, some sort of reverb, and the Digitech Whammy Pedal sometime soon also. I'm not all effects though, I play clean alot, we like to mix it up. I also have my eye on a Gibson SG. I played one at guitar center not too long ago and fell in love with it. Its so nice looking and its got its own distinctive tone, plus its nice and light.

Musical Influences

  • Jade Puget, Fletcher Dragge, Alex Linares & Randy Stohmeyer
  • ANTI-FLAG! Tom Morello, Mike Eizingher, James Hetfield
  • Mark Tremonti, Dimebag Darrell, Kurt Cobain, and many more

Favorite Recordings

  • Finch- What it is to Burn, AFI... every CD, all Rage Against the Machine, Most of the older Metallica
  • All and any Rage, Incubus-Morning View and Make Yourself, NOFX & AntiFlag
  • Anything I hear, generally I'm gonna try to play it