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Matt Midgley

the first bit

Hey there everyone. I have no idea why Im doing this 'cos I have virtually nothing to say. The bit next to what im typing say i should introduce myself and welcome you all...WELCOME!!! im Matt ive been playing the good ol' 'lectric geetar for just over a year now and have become quite proficient due to the ridulously sad amounts of time I spend playing, luckily I had no life before that so theres no real loss.

er...the next bit...

Im 16, a metal fanatic (only PROPER metal though, none of this "Nu" s---e) and worship the ground Dimebag Darrell walks on. Im also a bit of a Metallica freak and...cough...intrumental fan.Im doing a bunch of lessons on how to play shred metal, but ive kept it realistic, unlike a lot of others ive seen. Im in a thrash metal band as lead guitar and vocals, we have no name no gigs and about 6 songs, so don't get too excited.

Musical Influences

  • DIMEBAG DARRELL!!!!!! (aka GOD!)
  • James Hetfield
  • Steve Vai

Favorite Recordings

  • Vulgar Display Of Power (Pantera)
  • Down II - A Bustle In Your Hedgerow (Down)
  • ...And Justice For All (Metallica)