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Welcome to my Wholenote Home Page

I am 35 I have been playing guitar since i was 8. Though due to unexpected circumstances I stoped playing when I was 20. I only started up again about a year and a half ago. Mostly just for something to do with my spare time.

My son!!! (future percussionist)

Sometime in early 2002 my son, who is now 10, Wanted to start playing drums. So my wife and I, after a timely discussion about the noise, decided to enroll him in the band at school. he has been at this for about 5 months now. His Grandfather receantly bought him a 5 peice drum kit. He has taken to it like a fish in water. This has realy gotten me back into playing guitar. I'm now finding out just how rusty I am after all those years of not playing.

I have checked many sites like this one out on the net. Not one of them comes close to this one. There are so many different styles and influences here. not like some that only stick to one specific style. I love variety and this site hast it.


Musical Influences

  • Yngwie Malmstein
  • Ace Frealey
  • Tony McAlpine

Favorite Recordings

  • to many to decide from
  • not enough spaces here to put them all
  • I cant choose just 3 LOL