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Hello my name is Tom. Im from helsingborg in sweden. Im 17 years old. Have been playing the guitar since I was 11 years old. So its been a while. :) I also have the coolest f---ing guitar teatcher in the world(at least i think so). stefan Rosquist. Buy the record "the alchemist. Its a guitar-record with tons of amazing guitarrists. One of his songs are on that album.


I listen to a lot of different music. For example:

SymphonyX,Pain of salvation,Dimmu borgir,King Crimson,Pink floyd,dream theater,Dillinger escape plan,Faith no more,fantomas,Tomahawk,Meshuggah,Steve Vai,Ufo,David Lee Roth,Van Halen,Thin Lizzy,Steve Morse, Deep purple, Led zeppelin, Black sabbath. etc etc. och s vidare och s vidare.(swedish) :)

Musical Influences

  • Steve Morse(Deep purple, dixie dregs)
  • Steve Vai (David Lee Roth)
  • John Petrucci(dream theater)