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come and rock hard

If your gonna rock. Rock with all your heart pour everything you got into it!!! thats how i play. every since i picked up a guitar I fell in love. Im basically self tought I learnt how to read tablature and off i went learning more and more.To con tact by e-mail

my rig

My guitars include: Ibanez sa series, gibson epiphone acoustic, richfeild, and a yamaha electric. My amp is a 100watt crate, and for a pedal I use a marshall jackhammer. nothing spectacular but i can jam all day long with them.

Musical Influences

  • slash, zakk wylde
  • c.c. deville, jimmy page
  • joe perry, izzy stradlin

Favorite Recordings

  • appetite for destruction
  • Blizzard of oz
  • poison live era