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Mostly Harmless

Hi All, By now most of you have probably figured out that I am long here we go! I've been a musician for 20+ years now as a guitar and bass player. The last 3 years I've been getting more into drums and keyboards. In addition I also play hand percussion, some blues harp, violin, mandolin and really anything I can get my hands on (LOL)! I've also been working on guitars for as long as I've been playing...I believe the correct term is "tinkerer". Most recently I have been getting more into the finish/refinish aspect of guitar building, a fun but very frustrating activity to say the least! In addition to all of this, I am also working on my own project studio, that I hope to have open to the public sometime this year.

I have been working as a drummer with my own band, Harper Blue for the last few years and we have a major studio project coming up soon. We are primarily a classic rock/oldies cover band with allot of originals. You can learn more about me and the band at our website,

I am a rather pationate person, especially when it comes to music and I also tend to be rather opinionated which tends to get me into lots of trouble from time to time :-) My other interests include animals, food (cooking and eating) camping, art, photgraphy, cars, computers, archeolgy, music history, woodworking...lots of stuff! I always like learning new things and am quite facinated by how things work.

As far as gear goes, I have allot of stuff, so I will try and keep this down to the basics. I have around 20 guitars, many amps, many drums, allot of PA gear, etc., but my main pieces of equipment are;

Guitars - Standard Strat (very modified), Kramer ST-100 (also very modified), Seagull C-6 acoustic, Conn 12 string acoustic, Kay Precision style bass, plus 3 guitar projects I am working on as of this writting.

Amps - '73 Fender Bandmaster, Lab L-5, Peavy Backstage (just a great little amp), Peavy TKO-65, Kustom Lead III, JMF Spectra 80

Drums - Pearl Forum 5 piece, Zildjain and Slingerland cymbals, Remo Doumbek, misc Slingerland & Ludwig snares and toms.

Much misc. PA equipment with 2 Behringer mixing boards, a 802A and a 2004A...hope to get 2 of the larger ones someday!

Companies/products I support and would like to be endorsed by someday; Fender, Kramer, Pearl, GHS Strings, Behringer, etc.. There are many others, but these are the main company's you'll hear me talkin about over and over! Their stuff has worked well for me and although there are better brands like Mackie, Gibson, Lindy Fralin and Marshall, none of which I can afford...this is the stuff that works for me day in and day out.

Hmmm...what else about me...I'm Pagan (as in my religion), and I'm married to a wonderful woman who's also a musician. She's the lead singer for Harper Blue and also plays flute, hand percussion and is learning bass. Oh yea...I'm also a talk-a-holic! I tend to be a chatterbox both online and in RL, so please forgive any lengthy posts I may place here...sometimes I'm a little too detail oriented and probably over explain things (LOL)! My family says that if you ask me how to make toast, I'll tell you how to build a toaster! Also, as of this writting I am currently out of work, so if you know anyone who needs a good fix it man...or any luthiers in the Northern Ohio area that are looking for an aprentice, send them my way! If I lived in Califonia, I would probably already be working for Fender (LOL).

I guess that should be enough (LOL) I'm generally a very honest and open person, so if you want to learn more about me, please feel free to drop me a line!

Bright Blessings & Gentle Breezes to all!

Musical Influences

  • Pink Floyd, The Who, Eric Clapton, SRV,
  • Heart, Fleetwood Mac, BB King, Sting, Beethoven, Wagner
  • just about everything really except rap and hiphop/dance

Favorite Recordings

  • Pink Floyd - Dark Side of the Moon
  • Mike Oldfield - Tubular Bells
  • Heart - The Road Home