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Feeling good on New Years Day

Only Sounds Good To Me

Hello, my name is Bill Petersen and I am NOT a musician. I have been playing guitar for over 35 years, but the results are still not what I'm looking for. I have sometimes gone for years without picking up my guitar. The Yamaha FG-230 12 string that I played for so long finally gave it up. Of course it was my own fault for leaving it fully strung and forgetting about it in a storage shed for about three years. Anyway, I was disgusted and heartbroken and just couldn't seem to get any enjoyment playing a cheap little Mexican guitar I had laying around.

Finally, I met a neighbor in the same situation - no one to play with. After playing with him for a while I became enthused again and went out and bought an Ovation Elite. A big step for a non-musician, but although I am not a great player, I do appreciate good sound and a guitar that plays well. So now I play almost every day. I have improved loads thanks to having someone to play with and learn from.

Well, here it is a year and a half later....G.A.S. has taken it's toll.

Yamaha FG-230 12-string, Ovation S868 Special Elite, DeArmond M75-T, Alvarez 5003 classical, Carvin Bolt (built from kit), a very old banjo-bodied 12-string mandolin (finally repaire), Crate GX-212, a few harmonicas, (working on getting all keys) and on 12-30-01, a Martin 000-15.

Strange Musical Tastes?

Why yes, I do have a strange mix of musical tastes. I grew up in the sixties so what would you expect. My first attempts at guitar were with folk and country because they seemed easier to play. Always having only an acoustic I never played much rock even though I love it. Musically I can listen to pretty much anything except Rap which sets my nerves on edge. I LOVE the blues! Especially old recordings of early black bluesmen like Howlin Wolf and lesser knowns like Barbeque Bob. To me this is the most real from the heart music ever made.

I've met some wonderful people here on WN. I've made friends where I never thought I would. People as near as a few miles and as far as across the sea. Of all these people, everyone should get to know Rex Jones and his organization Medtar. Check out Medtar's page: ,you'll be glad you did.

Musical Influences

  • Neil Young
  • Joan Baez
  • John Hartford

Favorite Recordings

  • The Who - Everything
  • Janis Ian - Stars/Jesse
  • Dire Straits - Money For Nothing