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The Musician...

In brief: Practicing musician since 1981 majoring in Guitar with a minor in everything else I can get my hands on! Craig SmootInfo Systems gig by day; Long-haired, hell-raisin' rocker by night. Married, no kids, a Cairn Terrier and a Himalayan. Born in San Antonio, TX, lived for 5 years on an island in the Pacific called Kwajelein, moved back to Huntsville, AL in '79 and have lived here since. Anything else you'd like to know can probably be found on my bio page on my band's web site. And speaking of those guys...

..and the Noise he makes...

Ah yes, those Eclectic Redneck Revolutionaries known as BLACK LABEL. Basically put, we're an eclectic troupe who constantly strive to write good Rock tunes from the heart without paying attention to the "flavor of the day," period. We have released two independent albums since our debut in late 1994, and we are currently writing more new tunes that we hope to have surface on the next album sometime in 2004. We have a few MP3s here at WN from our 2nd album, or you can just hop on over to the TUNES page on and check out both albums in their entirety. Enjoy (and tell a friend)!

Musical Influences

  • Jeff Buckley; EVH; Lynch; Bettencourt; Wylde; Tabor; SRV; Hendrix; Hellecasters; Elton; Stevie Wonder; Queen; Sting
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Favorite Recordings

  • Jeff Buckley - "Grace"; Van Halen I; Queen - "Classic Queen"; Extreme - "Pornograffitti";
  • Rush - "Exit.. Stage Left"; Mindseye - "Light & Shadow"; George Michael - "Listen Without Prejudice"; Gn'R - "Appetite For Destruction";
  • The Hellecasters - "Escape From Hollywood"; Elton John - "Capt. Fantastic"; Sting - "Ten Summoner's Tales";

Favorite Lessons