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this is my homepage @ now please excuse my lack of resourses i don't really know why you're here, a pointless endeavor, concidering my total lack of anything usefull.

You.... Yes you... Are You Looking for quality music written by up and coming musicians like yourself? Well I have the answer for you! Aggie Tunes will quench your thirst. It is an annual album released bu the students and faculty of Norfolk County Agricultural High School, of which I am A proud member. our songs are written and played by students of a high school age, we perform occasionally at WERS 88.9 FM. our music is all different styles and gernes, from screaming bluegrass, to hard rock all the way to raps involving an unhealthy obsession with the school cows. anyway, its a hoot, and well, I'd like to spread the magic of my friends, colleauges and, indeed my own music. So, if youd like a copy of our album, then contact Mr. Doug Calais at BBBWCFI(busted budget but we can fudge it) Studios, Please, Please PLease, we need your support, youll like these songs, and if you dont, then at least you've invested in a rather expensive drink coaster.

Hi There

concerning the CD that I mentiond in the previous paragraph, we are coming out with our 2005-2006 album, and concidering it is all written by high school teens, it will prbably filled mostly with teen anxt, and sad songs, but hey, look on the bright side, it's gotta be better than some of the crap that theyre playing on the radio. But seriously folks, it's not all emo, weve got some funny and... creative songs coming too, so don't wait, give doug a ring, and order a CD. now, enough promoting my CD and on to more important matters. but it seems as if I have no life, and that is the biggest event on the horizon, so.... bye.

Musical Influences

  • Nick Drake
  • John lee Hooker
  • Willie Nelson

Favorite Recordings

  • Pink Moon
  • When I Need You Most Of All
  • Sound Of Silence