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Fest is Best!!!!

Live to jam, jam to live

Started playing guitar 5 years ago with a cheap classical my brother had sitting around and then got a decent Yamaha steel string for my birthday a few months later. Now I'm on my second acoustic, a NICE Takamine, and gave my nephew my Yammer. (See review section ) I started playing an electric a few months ago and play mostly blues with that. I learned a lot about playing by watching and jammin with my friends at the Philly Folk Fest.

What I play?

Acoustic: Folk, bluegrass, rock, and a mix of all kinds of pop stuff from the 60's on up. I play slow gospel stuff when my buddy Maggie talks me into it. Electric: Rock and blues. Sometimes I'll mess around with a bluegrass tune with the amp all cranked up with distortion just because it's funny how it sounds like a mosh jam.

I just love to play man!

Musical Influences

  • Rock - Hendrix, Stones, Who, Zep, ACDC, Beatles, STP, Alice in Chains, VH, Rush
  • Blues - BB King, Muddy Waters, Clapton, Buddy Guy
  • Folk - Richie Havens, Dylan, Dan Bern, Joni Mitchell, Paul Simon, Woody and Arlo, Janis Ian

Favorite Recordings

  • Dark Side of the Moon
  • Cream of Clapton
  • Are You Experienced?