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teds home for tone

hi everyone

ive been playing guitar since the early seventies. my first intrest was metal[black sabbath,zepplin,priest,a/c d/c] was in cover bands in florida playing this stuff trough out the eighties. gear consisted of solid state peaveys and charvel guitars[american made] i got burt on that and gave up playing in bands in 90,but still played everyday

second life

started becoming obssesed with tone and blues. got my first tube amp in 94.stole my heart and ears.ive been thru alot of guitars since then. by the way im a auto tech by trade 20 years ,master certifed. but my main love is guitars. ive recentley joined a band playing rock/blues,sothern rock and love it my equipment is gibson les paul,gadow custom hollow,barber burn unit,ltd,fulldriveII into dr z rt 66 with z-best 212 cab

Musical Influences

  • allman brothers
  • black sabbath
  • page/clappton / matt smith[local guy excellant player]

Favorite Recordings

  • allman bro/fillmore east
  • clapton/from the craddle
  • zepplin /the song remains the same