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Slow Steady Burn

Music in your Head

I'am a forty year old Mainer stuck in Boston. I moved here in the early Eighties for work,school and wife.I have played music since I was around nine. I started on piano went to clarinet then trombone. I always wanted to play guitar but figured my hands were to small. I started to play around two years ago when I lucked into a used Charvel Jackson. I have three childern. Two boys age twelve and ten and a girl ten months. The twelve year old playes the sax and the ten year old plays the flute and the guitar. The ten month old just signs and dances. Musical interests range from Blues, all types of rock ( Punk,heavy metal,classic ) some jazz native American, blue grass and classical. No light pop Rap or country unless it leans towards Texas swing.

Musical Influences

  • SRV, Hendrix, Jeff Beck, ZZ top, Thin Lizzy
  • Rev Horton Heat, Stray Cats, Hooker,
  • Lightnin'Hopkins Johnny Winter etc.

Favorite Recordings

  • There are so many I couldn't name them all.