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Blues is alive and well in Montana

Hello there,

Hey, thanks for the visit,I'm just a basement guitar player who loves to play and fix guitars. I love to try new pickups so if you have any questions about what pups sound good just let me know. I have tried lot's of amps and guitars and effects pedals, I just love anything that has to do with guitar. I just wish earning a living wasn't so darned important , I would play more guitar.....

Being around Guitars, you gotta love it

I still have my high school sweet heart, a 1970 black Les Paul custom and the Fender Twin that I bought with it. I have several other guitars now and actually love Strats and don't play the LP much anymore. It's more of a show piece and sentimental to me now. I love to fix guitars for kids, I try to buy at yard sales and give away at Christmas, doesn't always work but I love it when it does. I play blues at jam nights and play with all my heart and soul.I am in my 50's now and really dig the blues, I guess if you are around long enough you get enough life experiances to actually have the blues or atleast know what they are and respect them. I love to play the blues, when I am on the notes seem to come from my toes and I feel every one.

Musical Influences

  • BB King, Eric Clapton, Santana, Roy Buchannon
  • Stevie Ray Vaughn, Mark Knofler, Johnny Winters
  • Albert King, Larry Garner, Muddy Waters, HELL I LIKE ALL THE KINGS

Favorite Recordings

  • I like anything with blues and there's not much music I don't like as long as it is worth listening to.
  • thrill is gone , stormy monday,TOO MANY TO TRY AND FIT HERE
  • If it's blues, I dig it.