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Just learning!!!

Hi everyone.

hey, this is cassie, 25 yr old female who loves all types of music and i wanna learn to amaze and stupify all who pass my way. seriously, i'm inspired by Santana and India Arie and Bonnie Rait among many others. i love female guitar players and i want to be one. i live in indianapolis and was having a tough time finding affordable rates for lessons so thus began my internet search for free ones. i can play by ear a little. i've been singing since i was about 6 and enjoy writing my own songs. one day i would love to just be able to sing in bars or clubs locally and make some extra dough. OKAY that's it. bye!

Musical Influences

  • India Arie/ Latocha Scott/Dixie Chicks
  • Carlos Santana/Lenny Kravitz
  • Old boy...the cute one from Bush