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Carcked Records


Hey i just wanted to let everyone know a little more about me. I've been playing for about threee years now and am getting ready to start playing a few open mic nights. I just recorded my first album so i want to try the songs out live. I'll keep this updated so you can follow my progress from the start.

Cracked records

I also run an independent record lable called cracked racords. So far we've done two full lenght albums and a single. We deal with all types of music(as long as it's good)I just like the idea of supporting local band and musicians.We have a website you can check out it's

so help support a good cuase, becuase somone has help you to get were you are!

Musical Influences

  • anything good
  • everything good

Favorite Recordings

  • Appetite for destruction
  • Dirt
  • Robbin the hood (early sublime)